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Visionary Images - David Ford
Visionary Images - Inc. Robert Beer
Mandala Designs Artist: Barry Stevens
Zazen Sacred Icons Source of Iconography, Cards and Japanese Incense
Tree of Life Inspirations - Hand made cards from Cumbria
PaperHouse Cards - Oriental Style
21 Praises to Tara - Tibetan Dharma Supplies: Thangkas, Rupas, Malas, Ritual Aids, Meditation supplies and much more

Amazon UK
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Barter Books Alnwick (Used Books)
Bookpages UK
Books With Care UK (Used Books)
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Gateway Chi Kung Books
Tao of Books
Rowan Tree Knaresborough
Sound Travels UK Online Specialist Music Store (Relaxation/World and much more)
Wisdom Books
Wilde Ones - Books, North American Indian Crafts - Kings Rd, Chelsea, London
Philosophical Research Society
The Inner Bookshop Mind/Body/Spirit bookshop New June 1999
Bibliofind Search Engine for Second-Hand Books (USA)
Lotus Press Yoga, Reiki, New Age Titles
Library of Congress Online Booksearch
Medical Publications of America Database of Medical Publications

Buddhism - Art - Stained Glass Thankas - Goes nowhere
Buddhism - Amida Trust 1
Buddhism - Amida Trust 2
Buddhism - Art - Fashions Etc
Buddhism - Art - Himalayan Antiques
Buddhism - Aukana
Buddhism - Buddhist Society UK
Buddhism - Dechen Community
Buddhism - DharmaNet
Buddhist InterNet Page
Buddhism - Mikkyo - Jekan (Bath)
Buddhism - Shasta & Throssel Hole Abbey - Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
Buddhism - Throssel Hole Abbey - Soto Zen Centre in Northumberland
Buddhism - Dharmatoevlucht - Soto Zen Centre in Netherlands
Buddhism - Shingon - France
Buddhism - Shingon Mikkyo.Html
Buddhism - Shingon Daigo Temple
Buddhism - Shingon -Rev Eijun
Buddhism - Shingon Koyasan
Buddhism - Tendai
Buddhism - Snow Lion
Buddhism - Suzuki Roshi?
Buddhism - Tibetan Drikung Kargyu
Buddhism - Tibetan Sakyapa 1
Buddhism - Tibetan Sakyapa Links
Buddhism - Tibetan Studies
Buddhism - Vipassana
Buddhism - FPMT Lama Yeshe/Lama Zopa
Buddhism - Healing Buddha/Amitābha
Buddhism - FPMT Links Page
Buddhism - Samye Ling - Scotland
Buddhism - Samye Ling - Scotland Main Site
Buddhism - Karmapa
Buddhism - 17th Karmapa
Buddhism - Manchester Cushion Company - Meditation cushions, rupas etc.
Buddhism - Windhorse Imports - Rupas, Thankas etc.
Buddhism - Tharpa Publishing - Rupas and posters
Buddhism - and Lama Dawa
Buddhism - Ratanagiri - Near Newcastle upon Tyne
Buddhism - Samatha Trust
Buddhism - Reading Room - includes a variety of links
Buddhism - Sadhu - Links to Theravada Buddhist sites
Buddhism - Access to Insight
Buddhism - Buddhist Library of Austalia
Buddhist Stupas and Pictures
Dharma the Cat
Dharmapala Centre Thangka Table
Maitreya Project
21 Praises to Tara (UK) - Tibetan Dharma Supplies: Thangkas, Rupas, Malas, Ritual Aids, Meditation supplies and much more
Download an Om Mani Padme Hum Screen Saver.

Complementary Medicine
Guild of Complementary Practitioners (UK)
The Scottish School of Holistic Healing Arts -Directory
Complementary Therapy Links
Health/Life Directory of Practitioners
Self Help Wholistic Therapies
National Federation of Spiritual Healers
The Research Council for Complementary Medicine
Holistic Pages
Aromatherapy Essential Oils - A guide to aromatherapy and essential oils.

Mind-Body Health
Healing UK Site
Health - Acupuncture
Health - Alternatives - Scotland
Health - Cancer FAQ
Health - Cancer Information
Cancer & Health - Global Health Support Network
Homeopath at Home
Health Information Service
Health Information Service - 2
Kirlian Photography Site/Supplier
William Bloom
Yoga - Darlington Yoga Group BWOY
Jin Shin Do Links Pages
Achoo Healthcare Online - useful health links
Aromaweb - Aromatherapy resource
CancerBacUp - Cancer and its Treatment
Herbs and Herbals - Database of herbs
HealthGate - Information on staying fit and healthy
HeartLink - Advice for sufferers of heart disease
MediHelp - Directory of medical organisations offering help
Asthma Campaign - Resource for Asthmatics
Your Spine - Chiropractic advice
Synergy - British Complementary Medical Site + Directory
Healing Online - Complementary Health Info
Nutritional Information - US Government
National Library of Medicine - US Government
Department of Agriculture - US Government
Health Information Database - US Government
Kids Health
Big Blue Planet Wellbeing Resource Directory
Baldwin's Herbal Supplies London
Blue Cross - Pet Bereavement Support Service

Local Information NewsNorth
London Health Information
Tax Information - UK
WebCam Control - Views around the world
Useless Knowledge - Search for meanings of words etc
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
UK Phone Bill Information - Comparing phone companies charges.
PhoneNetUK - Phone Number Search in UKOn Line Directory
Encyclopaedia Britannica
British Library
Online Translation - Systran - French, Spanish, Gernman etc.
Online Translation - Lernout and Hauspie
Online Translation - Systransoft
Online Translation - Foreignword
Online Translation - InterTran
Online Translation - FreeTranslation
Online Translation - E-lingo
Online Translation - Babel Fish
Online Translation - Microsoft
Online Translation - BT
Dictionary: Japanese-English
Japanese-Joyo 96

MultiMap - Street Maps of the whole of Britain
Mappy - Street Maps And Routes throughout Europe

MAFF - Ministry of Fisheries and Food (of Britain)
SheepDrove - Alternative Scientific Information of Foot and Mouth
DejaNews Home Page

Net Mag
Magazine - Being (Edinburgh)
Magazine - Essense (Yorkshire)
Magazine - Northern Earth
Magazine - Positive Health
Mandala Coloring Books
Mandala Designs Artist: Barry Stevens
MindBodySoul UK
Northern Earth Britain's premier earth mysteries magazine
British Magazines - Over 3,500 on file

Newspapers & Periodicals
National Geographic
Newspaper - Journal - Newcastle
Northeast Online
The Paperboy Access to stories in a range of papers.
Financial Times
BBC News
The Times and Sunday Times
Yahoo News
First Newspapers - Links to UK Newspapers

The Shen Foundation - Forres, Scotland
Qi-Gong - Falun Gong
Qi-Gong - Hua Gong
Qi-Gong - Universal Tao - Mantak Chia
Shaolin Monks Tour
Tai Chi for Health & Fitness & Stress-Relief - David Radford
London school of Tai chi chuan
Buqi - Qi-gong and Healing

Healing Touch UK - Gordon & Dorothy Bell
Healing Touch UK - Articles

Reiki Organisations
Reiki Federation UK
Reiki Jin Kei Do UK
Reiki Alliance
Reiki Association UK
UK Reiki Alliance - UK Reik/Seichem Organsiation
Reiki Healers and Teachers Society
International Association of Reiki Professionals
Open Reiki Group (Assessing and Monitoring Self-Regulation)
Reiki Regulatory Working Group (UK)

Reiki Organisations and Websites
Reiki Australia
Reiki Magazine International
Radiance Technique
Reiki Magazin German Language Magazine (button: International for English Articles)
Radiance Tecnique -Ingrid St Clare
Medical Research
Usui Reiki Network Barbara McGregor
Andy Bowling - History Pages
Medicine Dharma Reiki - comments and links
Barbara M new site
Caroll Farmer
Centre for Reiki Training - W.Rand
Ed Bacon - Hall of Reiki
Faye Wenke
Franciso (Rev??? !!) New Age
Global Reiki Masters
History theories!!!
Light & Andonea Directory
Light & Andonea New Site
Men Chhos Rei Kei ???
Page/Intro etc
Pat Warren
Practitioner List
Richard Rivard - Reiki Origins
Rick Rivard - New Address
Rick Rivard - Ogawa's Article & Cert
Rick Rivard - Usui's Monument
Russia - Antoly Demidov
Several Links - Replacement Address
Siddheartha Reiki
Simon Treselyan
Traditional Japanese (TRJ)
Traditional Japanese (TRJ) History
Uk Forum
Uk Pages
UK Practitioner Directory
Alan Sweeney
Several Reiki Links
John Gray
Leigh Clarke
Kathleen Milner
Atlantis Rising - Tera-Mai (Kathleen Milner's Newsletters)
Libby Barnett & Maggie Chambers
Linden Hill Clinic - Carole Easton
Claudio Marquez (Argentina)
Takaka's Reiki 1 Class - Jeffrey Martin
Practitioner Directory
Colin Powell
Pictures of Usui..
Reiki School
Reiki Links around the world
Serina Poisson
Steve Wertheim in Cape Town, South Africa
Jill Clarkson - SE England
Alexander Straub - Germany
Einar Stier - Germany
Find-It Directory
UK Discussion Group
Taggart King
Reiki Pure and Simple
Three Wise Women
Healing Spiral
Alex - Russia
Robert Fueston
Secrets of Reiki - Reiki Ryoho
Nihhon Institute for Critical Science - Multilingual
Reiki Connection - Jeanne Long - Bristol
Usui Reiki Ryoho - Chris Samuel - Wales
Hebburn Holistic Health - Eileen Winch in Northeast England
Reiki Party - based in the south-west England

Tibet - Tibet Relief Fund
Tibet- Free Tibet Campaign
Tibet Medicine Conference
Tibet Online Resourse

Television & Radio
TV - Channel 4
Audio Cafe World-wide Radio Stations
Radio Times

Shinto International
World Religion - Defintions of every religion
Tricycle Hub Buddhist Magazine
The Bible
Hinduism Today
Jewish Museum
Mother Meera
Survey of Followers of World Religions - by Preston Hunter
Newcastle RC Services on-line - St Mary's Cathedral

Messages from Water
Messages from Water (another link)
Implosion Research

White Lotus
Roots and Wings
Evolution on Line
Yoga Teachers Directory UK
The Yoga Centre
Ashtanga Yoga
The Yoga Site
British Wheel of Yoga - Northern Region
British Wheel of Yoga
Ananda Marga

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