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Other Sites for Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho-EnerSense

Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho International (Australia) - Ranga Premaratna's Web Site

Reiki Jin Kei Do UK - The UK based group for Reiki Jin Kei Do

Link to FOCUS - The Journal of Reiki Jin Kei Do UK

Pat Warren (USA)

Fay Wenke (Australia)

Jim Frew (Australia)

Jim Frew and Eileen Chapman (Australia)

Anatoly Demidov (Russian)

Dr. Rafah al Sayed (Arabic)

Nikolai and Alexandra Tchistiakov (Russian and English)

Steve Gooch (UK)

René Bliard (France)

Julie Renie (UK)

Self Help Mate - Durham - Reiki Jin Kei Do and MickelTherapy with Maria Whiteley

Maha Nammour (Middle East)

Ann Smith (Australia)

Edith and Terrence Coleman (France)

Kunzang Dechen Chodron (USA)

Nancy Silva (USA)

Bill Stevens (USA)

Christine Radice (USA)

Sarah Varela (UK)

Ann Gadd (South Africa)

Jamie Engelhardt (USA)

Gail Eshkew (USA)

Scott Wyman (USA)

Related Web Sites

Quantum Heart Power (Ranga Premaratna - Australia) - Healing oneself and the world using ancient wisdom and modern scientific quantum information. The objective of this site is to show you how to activate and harness the power of your heart to resonate with the ultimate reality, the infinite field of unlimited potential:the quantum field. By connecting a large number of human hearts worldwide through our practitioner network of QHP healers as well as Reiki JKD and Buddho practitioners and masters, it is possible to create this field of compassionate heart focused coherent energy force.

Various Links to some informative and interesting Reiki Sites

Reiki Threshold - Rick Rivard's Site - Includes important historical information.

Light & Adonea's Site - Articles, Books, "Branches of Reiki" etc.

Reiki Dharma - Frank Arjava Petter

SacredPath - Articles, links and information on Texas Reiki Bill and Debate featuring Phyllis Furumoto, David Jarrell etc.

Andy Bowling Reiki History Pages - A good overview of the history of Reiki.

Robert Fueston - A well research site. Especially information on Takata and her 22 student teachers.

Reiki-Evolution's History Page - Another overview of the history of Reiki with excellant research links.

Reiki Visions Paul Dennis & Margaret Pauffley

All Energy-Therapies Web - James Deacon's excellant and informative site.

Claudio Marquez - Argentinian Site - Great pictures of Usui Memorial, Meiji Shrine and Kurama.

Bunny Sjogren and Jane Mutti - More pictures of Usui Memorial and Kurama.

Reiki Pure and Simple - Colin Powell

Reiki Practitioners - Practitioner Directory - Worldwide

Reiki Links - Reiki & Complementary Medical Links

Furumoto Site - new site

Trademark Letter

DejaNews - Search Facility for Newsgroups and other articles

Reiki History Debate and Theories

Asunam Reiki Pages - Includes a good introduction to Shingon Buddhism.

Reiki Unlimited - Steve Wertheim in Cape Town, South Africa

Australian Institute for Reiki Training

International House of Reiki - based in Sydney, Australia


Reiki Magazin German Language Magazine (button: International for English Articles)

Reciprocal Links and Other Joys - Links to a few selected sites on Complementary Medicine, Buddhism and more!

The Reiki Cafe - Multi-disciplined Chat Room

Enjoy your travel through the sites and scenery of Reikidom.

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