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Who Can Study Buddho-EnerSense©

(Compiled by Gordon & Dorothy Bell)


The first stage of Buddho-EnerSense© has in the past only been taught to Reiki Masters or those proficient in meditation. Although today it is available to those who have studied Reiki 2 and 3. It is therefore, suggested that applicants have a minimum of one year of Reiki 2 practice before considering this step. Buddho-EnerSense© is primarily a spiritual development programme in the Buddhist tradition and it is recommended that practitioners allow at least 30 minutes a day for practice of meditation and other practises.

The normal route to study through the Lineage of Takamori and Buddho-EnerSense© is as follows: Reiki 1 > Reiki 2 > EnerSense© I > EnerSense© II > Reiki 3 > EnerSense III© > EnerSense© IV. However, for those who have already taken Reiki 1, 2, and/or 3 in another lineage we suggest the following: Reiki:JKD 1 & 2 attunements > EnerSense© I > Reiki 2 Review > EnerSense© II > Reiki 3 > EnerSense© III > EnerSense© IV.

Buddho-EnerSense© is a continuation of studies in the Eastern Usui Lineage of Takamori: Reiki Jin Kei Do©, therefore, re-attunement to Reiki 1 and 2 is necessary before commencing Buddho-EnerSense© training. Reiki 1 and 2 attunements can be given on an evening before the first training day.

Should a student/Reiki Master of another lineage wish to proceed to EnerSense© II, they would need to attend a Reiki 2 class to receive the Reiki material of the lineage.

Reiki Masters of other lineages who wish to proceed to EnerSense© III would need to receive update Reiki Master Training in this lineage.

Buddho-EnerSense© is a system of healing and spiritual discipline and as such we intend that it is preserved as it was passed on from Rev. Seiji Takamori and Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna. Buddho-EnerSense© has elements of Buddhist spiritual practises which Seiji Takamori had discovered in Tibet, Nepal and Northern India and recognised as relating to Reiki. Since Mikao Usui had "rediscovered" Reiki, in other words he had studied the Buddhist practises of Japan and Tibet and found within them a system of healing which fully integrated meditation practises, exercises and hands-on healing. He extracted from this material the symbology, attunement procedures and philosophy which would suit the lay person. Therefore, he was able to pass this discovery on to a wider section of humanity and hence make it accessible to us today in the West. There is great benefit in researching and practising original and related material, particularly for one's progress along the path towards spiritual fulfilment or enlightenment. Unlike Reiki, Buddho-EnerSense© requires a dedicated practise and discipline for the healing practise to work in our lives. Therefore, it is expected that those who pass on this system and discipline should maintain it intact. Whilst there is much "academic" material within Buddho-EnerSense© on the original symbols, mantras and yantras from which Usui developed the Reiki symbols - its primary concern is spiritual development and healing in the widest sense.

In passing Buddho-EnerSense© on to fellow Reiki Masters we require that those Masters respect and honour the tradition and discipline and not use Buddho-EnerSense© in a potpourri of Reiki and not blend this living transmitted tradition with "channelled" material (whose accuracy cannot be researched or verified). Buddho-EnerSense© is an extension of training in the Takamori lineage and as such implies its continued study in this lineage using the attunements of this lineage. A legally binding contract is required to be signed by all applicants of Buddho-EnerSense© that they hold the teachings of this lineage of Reiki as confidential and do not pass them on in any way i.e., give away, copy, loan, or teach until authorised to do so by the Head of the Lineage (Ranga J. Premaratna).

Reiki Masters of other lineages will need to receive the attunements of Reiki 1 & 2 and would need to have completed Reiki Mastership in the Takamori lineage before commencing EnerSense© training. Those Masters who seek to proceed in EnerSense© I & II only and wish to adhere to their present Mastership practises would still be required to receive training up to and including Reiki 3. If the system of attunements from the Takamori lineage is not used in teaching Reiki then the material relating to this lineage must not be given or taught, i.e. symbols, treatment styles and information. An agreement is signed to this effect.

Since Buddho-EnerSense© is primarily a path of meditation, then one should ideally take some time over its study. Whilst Reiki can be transmitted in a very short space of time - over a day or two, the Buddho- EnerSense© practises work best by gradually developing the meditation practice. In the Buddhist monasteries this would have taken years - as Seiji Takamori had also done. Each meditation practice prepares and builds on another and if done correctly gives the empowerments their maximum effect in spiritual development. The Chi-Nadi exercises are part of this development process and are learnt in stages. People of any age can do them. They help develop chi flow and an awareness of chi. They strengthen the body, particularly the cardiovascular, immune system, pulmonary functions, legs and hips. At first, as with learning Chi Kung/Yoga etc. the body needs some time to "acclimatise" to being put in new or unusual positions. So again the Chi-Nadi sequences are best learnt over a period of time. Usually the student needs corrections as they practice the exercises and doing the study intensively does not allow as much time for this to happen.

At the time of writing (January 1998) we are the only authorised teachers of the system in Europe. We are based in North-East, of England, where we teach Reiki and Buddho-EnerSense©. For teachers in other parts of the world - see the Web Site for The International Buddho EnerSense Training Network.

B u d d h o - E n e r S e n s e S t u d i e s

Buddho-EnerSense© Stage 1 and 2 are available for study after completing Reiki 2. It is suggested that applicants should have a minimum of one year of Reiki 2 practice before considering this step and have received the attunements to Reiki 1 & 2 in the Eastern Lineage.

If you have studied with another teacher, it will be necessary to repeat the Reiki attunements in the Eastern Usui Reiki Tradition prior to commencing training. It should be stressed that there is nothing inferior with the Reiki attunements following the Western/Takata lineages, such attunements are perfectly valid. The reason for this is that Buddho-EnerSense© is seen to be further studies in Eastern Usui Reiki in the Lineage of Takamori:Reiki Jin-Kei Do©.

Buddho-EnerSense© I

Open to those Reiki 2 students who have received Reiki Jin-Kei Do© Attunements. The training will generally be taught in the following way: Student is given preliminary meditation exercises about one month before the first class. Day 1: includes further meditations, visualisation using symbols and mantras etc., and the teaching and practice of Chi movement & breath exercise and the first steps of the Chi-Nadi exercises. The student will be expected to practice daily for a month in preparation for Day 2. This will include the Buddho-EnerSense© I empowerment, more practice of the Chi Nadi exercise, introduction and practice of Buddho-EnerSense© healing. There are ocational review/meditation and Buddha-Dharma Study evenings open to those who have completed the course.

Buddho-EnerSense© II

Can be studied over 2 one day intensive, in a similar format to Stage I. Again the student is introduced to more meditations, more movements in the Chi Nadi exercises, a yantra meditation is used together with daily practice of the exercises and other meditations in preparation for Day 2 which includes Buddho-EnerSense© 2nd Stage Empowerment. It is required that students have completed a Reiki 2 class in Reiki Jin-Kei Do© (not just having received the attunements) prior to commencing Buddho- EnerSense© II because Reiki 2 course material is developed at this level. Students of other Masters could review Reiki 2 class.

Buddho-EnerSense© III

(Available only to Reiki Masters with complete training in Eastern Usui Reiki in the Lineage of Takamori:Reiki Jin-Kei Do© and successful completion of EnerSense© I & II). Training follows the same 4 one day intensive format. The student receives further cycles of Buddho meditation, yantra visualisation/meditations and more practise of Chi Nadi. Together with the Chi movements, the meditations prepare the student for the EnerSense© 3rd Stage empowerments on Day 2. Teaching and teaching/practice of Stage 1 & 2 Empowerment procedures are also covered within this level.

Buddho-EnerSense© IV

(Available only to those who have successfully completed Stage III and who have had a minimum of 8 months practise). It is only taught at the moment by the Head of the Lineage (Ranga J. Premaratna), and commences with a 10 day intensive in Australia. Instruction and practise of the 3rd Stage Empowerment is given. Training at this stage concludes with around 2 years of practice (minimum) and further personal studies with Ranga J. Premaratna.

Students are expected to liaise with ourselves for the duration of the training period, keeping records/reports of experiences within the meditations. Since Buddho-EnerSense© is primarily concerned with spiritual development through meditation, progress towards deep meditative states needs to be monitored and guided.

Students who wish to study with us who live at long distances can come to study for intensive periods. We do have a self contained flat available for this purpose.


If you are interested in studying Buddho-EnerSense© please ask for an application form, agreement and training fees. Applications for Buddho-EnerSense© training should be made in writing with:

Application form

Please include copies of your Reiki certificate(s), lineages, an resume of your previous training as well as the reasons why you would like to study Buddho-EnerSense©.

Copyright© Gordon Bell 1998


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