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Introduction to EnerSense-Buddho and the Eastern Tradition of Usui Reiki: Reiki Jin-Kei Do©

(Compiled by Gordon & Dorothy Bell)



EnerSense©or Buddho system

of healing is a complete health promoting system combining ancient Tibetan and Indian healing methods. The original method was only practised by monks and was kept as secret knowledge. This was imparted by oral transmission and energy transmission by special empowerments. Subsequent simplification of the method as a practical self-healing technique which lay people could practise evolved into Reiki, a method practised by many today. Buddho-EnerSense©was introduced for the first time to the Western world by a Japanese monk named Seiji Takamori. Seiji Takamori was a Reiki Master and meditation teacher who had a deep desire to search for the origin of Reiki and left on a long journey of exploration to India, Nepal, and Tibet. After a long search, he found a few monks belonging to a special sect who practised a healing method similar to but distinctly more powerful and more complete than Reiki. Seiji spent over twenty years in Nepal and Tibet studying this method with these monks. After receiving all the secret teachings and energy transmissions, he returned to teach meditation and healing to whoever was ready to receive this precious gift.

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EnerSense©or Buddho method

comprises of a meditation technique to deeply relax the mind and body, a technique which utilises the energy produced by meditation to increase the natural healing process of the body, and a set of exercises which strengthens the physical body. The meditation develops a deep awareness of the subtle energy system (Chakras and Nadi-channels) of the body and enables the transfer of energy to re-energise and promote health. The physical exercises not only involve slow relaxed movements like T'ai Chi but also the dynamic tension of muscles to direct Chi to various parts of the body. The set of basic exercises increases strength, flexibility, and tones the body. Breathing techniques help strengthen the lungs. The complete system takes a wholistic approach, and with regular practice it can strengthen the respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune systems.

The Buddho-EnerSense©system

was made more widely available in the West by Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna Ph.D. He received the complete training during his stay in the U.S.A. in 1990. He is the only teacher fully empowered by Seiji Takamori to teach all four stages of the EnerSense©system. Seiji made his transition in his eighties at a Buddhist monastery in Sri Lanka in 1992. Today many Reiki masters and practitioners learn EnerSense©to better understand the origin and mechanisms of Reiki healing.

Buddho-EnerSense©Stage I

Introduction to the meditation: The introduction to meditation begins with a brief discussion of the two main categories of meditation, followed by the activation of four major energy centres or Chakras of the student's body. This activation brings the vibrational frequency of the body to a higher level thus making the student clearly aware of the subtle vibrations of the activated centres. In the initial stages this awareness becomes the object of meditation. Three cycles of meditation using two sacred Sanskrit symbols as well as three Tibetan symbols is taught to enhance the energy flow in the Chakras which have been activated.

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Two breathing methods are also taught to strengthen the lungs and Nadis (subtle energy channels) of the upper body. Then the student is introduced to the first steps of the Chi-Nadi exercises (moving meditative exercise using tension and relaxation of specific muscles which further enhance the energy flow in the Chakras & Nadis). Benefits at this stage will be increased sense of energy and body awareness, sense of peace and deep relaxation, increased energy levels, well balanced and strengthened immune function, and increased clarity and concentration.

Buddho-EnerSense©Stage II

The second stage involves continuation of the cyclic meditation with two additional cycles, analysis of experiences during meditation, learning to deepen meditative state, and further activation of Chakras, additional steps in Chi-Nadi exercise, introduction to two special mantras (sounds) and yantras (visual devices) used in healing and meditation. Techniques used for distant healing will also be taught, as well as the origins of the 2nd Degree Reiki Symbols. The student will be introduced to critical Nadi (marma) points and healing using these Nadi points by tuning into point pulse. Energy awareness and breathing exercises will be taught with guidance from teacher to deepen awareness.

Buddho-EnerSense©Stage III

The third stage of training is undertaken by those who have successfully completed the first two stages, practised for a period of time, and committed to teaching the EnerSense©method to others. This stage involves continuing the cyclic meditation with two further cycles, and achieving deeper states of meditation by using more powerful mantras and more intricate Yantras. Further activation of the Chakras is done by special empowerments. Special breathing exercises are practised to increase the awareness of energy flow. At this stage the practitioner will learn and practice the activation techniques for stages I and II. The origin of the Reiki Master symbol will be taught. Meditation training will include the techniques of achieving absorptive states (Dhyanas) and factors observed in each absorption.

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Buddho-EnerSense©Stage IV

The fourth stage training is undertaken by those who have successfully completed the Third Stage, and practised for a minimum of 8 months. This stage involves further meditation and breathing work; advanced meditation techniques for achieving Dhyanic states; deepening awareness of energy; 4th stage empowerment, yantra and yantra for distant healing; 4th stage symbol for meditation and healing; advanced marma point and Nadi work; initiation into higher meditation and object (sign); achieving and stabilising the learning sign; twelve links of the mind and the five constituents of being. At this stage the practitioner will learn and practice the activation techniques for stage III.

This stage is only taught by Ranga J. Premaratna at this time through The International Buddho-EnerSense Training Centre.

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