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Introduction to the Lineage of Takamori:
Reiki Jin-Kei Do©


The Lineage:

Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Ven. Takeuchi, Ven Seiji Takamori, Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna (Lineage Head), Gordon & Dorothy Bell.

Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna

Lineage Head:

Lineage Head is the person chosen by a teacher to represent the lineage. He is considered the successor of the master and the one empowered and entrusted with the responsibility of transmitting the teaching to others. In the Takamori lineage of Reiki or Reiki Jin-Kei Do©, Dr. Usui is the founder or re- discoverer of the system of Reiki practised today. Dr. Hayashi is considered to be one of his successors. Ven. Takeuchi studied Reiki from Dr. Hayashi and passed the way he was taught on to his disciple Ven. Seiji Takamori who was Ven. Takeuchi's only student and successor. Seiji was an explorer. He was an explorer of healing methods as well as the workings of the mind. His life's goal was to be of service to others and develop his own mind. He taught whoever needed healing. His path in life was to heal the minds of the many through meditation. Seiji Takamori chose Ranga J. Premaratna as his successor to pass on the knowledge he accumulated in his life; Reiki and Buddho methods of healing. Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna is the only person empowered by Ven. Seiji Takamori to teach both systems of healing.

Meaning of terms as used in the lineage:

Rei - Spirit/Spiritual/Universal

Ki - Energy

Reiki - Universal Energy or Universal Life Energy

KANJI - Rei Ki

Spirit/Spiritual - According to the philosophy of this lineage spirit is pure consciousness and is the universal energy field. Some synonyms are: Buddha Nature, Cosmic Consciousness.

When we say that the lineage is a spiritual lineage, what is meant is that through the Reiki initiation one becomes connected to the spiritual nature of the universe perhaps for the first time for most. We experience the subtle energy of the universe and simultaneously realise that we had this ability inherent in us always ant that we are in fact energy and one with the universal energy. It required only a shift in our mind awareness to realise the power we had within us. The attunement provided the shift in consciousness through its ability to raise our vibrational frequency to a higher state. The practitioner of Reiki can experience further shifts in awareness especially if supported by a meditation technique that trains the mind to focus and direct its awareness on the energy and sensations accompanying energy flow during self- treatment or treatment of others. The lineage is also a spiritual one because it emphasises the practice of meditation as a daily practice with Reiki. It also focuses on compassion (and loving kindness) and opening of the heart through meditation and Reiki.


Jin - Compassion


Kei - Wisdom


Do - Way or Path

Reiki Jin-Kei © is the practise of Reiki with compassion and wisdom in a balanced way integrating all three and applying them to one's life. It then becomes a way of life rather than just another healing method.

Reiki Jin-Kei Do© has three major components or aspects.

1 Healing with compassion - Karuna JIN


2 Meditation - Developing Wisdom - Pragna KEI.


3 Integration - Applying healing and meditation in daily life, making it your way of life - DO - ultimate purpose being enlightenment.



This encompasses the practice of Reiki with strong emphasis on self-treatment. Importance is placed on developing awareness to the Reiki flow during the self-treatment. Focus is on the four upper chakras and palms. The treatment begins with a feeling of compassion for yourself. With unconditional love you treat yourself. This attitude of compassion for oneself is an integral part of healing. Because of our nature of being we are prone to physical, emotional and mental imbalances throughout our lives. Therefore, spending at least 10 minutes for yourself doing Reiki with the attitude of compassion for our suffering has to be generated from the heart. With the development of compassion in your heart, an accompanying sensation develops. This sensation is because of the Reiki activation and further opening of the Heart. When we are able to fill ourselves with Reiki (compassionate energy), then we can extend it to others.

Reiki symbols with their inherent power helps to amplify energy for different purposes. Like any other formulae, with the correct understanding of the deeper meaning of these symbols, it gives true power to the symbol. The true power of the mind in its universal state is realised with the use of symbols.

The next part of healing is treating others. The development of compassion for self can now be projected to others with the transmission of Reiki. In other words the Reiki flow is enhanced by feelings of compassion in the Heart. This becomes very important in distant healing.

The third aspect of healing is that through the experience of Reiki we also gain some understanding of our own universality. Therefore, it is important part of healing to send energy to the universe and all its beings.


With Reiki initiation basic instructions on a simple meditation is provided. As the student progresses through the levels of Reiki further instructions and guidance is provided. The main focus of the meditation is to develop awareness to the energy. As one begins to see how the energy fluctuates in the physical body, one also sees how the thoughts arise and pass away in rapid succession. Mind's ability to see energy flux helps develop the ability to see clearly the rapidly changing thought process. This leads to development of insight and wisdom. Also along the path of meditation one realises non-self which is the realisation that we are all one with the energetic state of universal energy. We loose the identity of an individual entity and ego-centredness and we begin to see ourselves in every being thus developing universal compassion and true wisdom.


This is the most difficult aspect. It is bringing together of the compassion of Reiki and wisdom of meditation and applying it every moment of our life. This is the living of the method and making it your way of life. When wisdom and compassion are highly developed and integrated then that is the path to enlightenment.

KANJI - Reiki Jin Kei Do

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