Teachers in the Lineage of Takamori: Reiki Jin-Kei Do©

This list of teachers is not a list of authorised teachers; it is simply a list to help communication. There is not at this time an authorising body governing the teaching and practice of Reiki Jin-Kei-Do, as a distinct form of Reiki. Many teachers and practitioners are members of Reiki organisations in their respective countries and practice under the codes of practice and ethics of those organisations. Please do not view this list as giving anyone authority or absence from this list as being a mark of non-authorisation. Authorisation to teach Reiki Jin-Kei Do (& EnerSense) is only given by the completion of personal training with a teacher, therefore, each teacher is personally authorised by their own teacher, and not by an external body, register or list.

Guidelines for listing Teachers

The Lineage:

Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi,
Venerable Takeuchi, Venerable Seiji Takamori, Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna

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DotUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


DotUnited States of America

DotAustralia and New Zealand

DotAfrica and the African Continent

DotMiddle East

DotRussia and the Baltic States


Teachers in the U.K. Union Jack

Healing Touch UK,
Gordon Bell

Buddho-EnerSense Teachers and Lineage Representives for UK
E-mail: GandDBell@aol.com
Saville Lodge, 30 The Grove, Gosforth,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1NE

Steve Gooch
20 Worcester Street, Rugby,
Warwickshire CV21 2NF
Tel: 01788 579550

Eric Anderson
11 Arran Crescent, Beith,
Ayrshire KA15 2DZ
Tel: 01505 502678

José Lopez-Meroño and Claude Welsch
168 Windyhill Lane, Marske,
Cleveland TS117DY
Tel: 01642 486699

Judy Cabral
West Midlands
Tel: 01676 534815 and 07711 373 067
Email: judy@cabral.fslife.co.uk

Sarah Varela
Tel: 01206 366819/07745247274
E-mail: sarah@infinite-reiki.co.uk

Hyo Gen Do, ("To give expression to the Way"),
Martial Arts, Personal Safety, Meditation & Healing.
Ann Duke,
8 Broomfield Road,
Telephone 01322 383861
E-mail: hyogendo@lineone.net

Lorraine Thompson
24 Tanton Road, Stokesley, TS9 5HR
Telephone: 01642 941368 and 0776 263 2266 (Text only)
Email: alchemy.wizard@talktalk.net

Tony Birdfield
34 Greenhayes,
Dorset BH18 8NA
Tel: 01202 601412
E-mail: buddho@talktalk.net

Yvonne Dyer
64 Fairways,
Co Durham DH8 5NT
Tel: 01207 590792

Julie Rennie
9 Shafto Terrace,
Cragehead, Stanley,
Co Durham DH9 6DZ 8NA
Tel: 07990 753300
E-mail: reikiriver@aol.com

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Teachers in Europe

Gerard Witrant
14 Rue du Tournant
67200 - Strasbourg
Tel: 0033 (0) 608 64 96 28

René Bliard
11 Petite Rue de l'Argilière
60000 Beauvais
E-mail: bliard.rene@wanadoo.fr
Tel: 033 3 44 05 89 48
Web: (new) http://www.reiki-buddho.fr or http://perso.wanadoo.fr/rene.bliard/ or via list on www.fr-reiki.com/france/Reiki_en_Picardie.html

Maha Nammour
41/49 rue de Passy
75016 Paris- FRANCE
Email: maha@synergie-mahanammour.com
Tel:+33142880328 and +33610732820
Lebanon: tel: +961 3989171 and +961 1423317
Kuwait: Tel: +965 2470200 and +965 6637567
Dubai: Tel: +9714 3605657 and +97150 4513200 Website: www.synergie-mahanammour.com

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Teachers in the U.S.A.

Aldene Fredenburg
11 Main Street, Apt B
PO Box 310
West Swanzey NH 03469
Telephone: 603-357-9695
E-mail: amfredenburg@yahoo.com

Kunzang Dechen Chodron
Gejong Palmo
Buddho-EnerSense Teacher
Reiki Do Institute
221 E Market St. #283,
Iowa City, IA 52245
E-mail: reikido@earthlink.net

Anne Pectol
Buddho-EnerSense Teacher and Lineage Representive for US West Coast
5865 Stover Rd
Blu Lake
California 95525
Telephone:(707) 668-1678

Salina Rain
Buddho-EnerSense Teacher
P.O. Box 1081
Blue Lake, Ca. 95525-1081 U.S.A>
E-mail: astro@salinarain.com
Phone: 707-668-5408

Robert Threlfall
Buddho-EnerSense Teacher and Lineage Representive for US Mid West,
Madison, Wisconsin
E-Mail: rthrelfall@swcs.net

Marcia Chapin
E. Sandwich, MA
Tel: 508-888-7412

John Eatough
W. Yarmouth, MA
Tel: 508--775-8428

Gilbert A. Gallego
Fairfax Skin Care Center
10805 Main Street, Suite 500
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Telephone:(703) 385-1019
e-mail: GilbertGallego@vzavenue.net

Kayt Curry
44117 Tippecanoe Terrace
Ashburn, Virginia 20147
E-mail: lettingo2@aol.com

Linda Gasson
Buddho-EnerSense Teacher
11593 Newport Cove Lane,
VA 20194
E-mail: gassonpg@aol.com

Nancy Silva
Waltham, MA
Tel: (781) 266-7228
E-mail: nancysilva@rcn.com

Patricia Warren
Buddho-EnerSense Teacher and Lineage Representives for US East Coast and Canada
Suite 202
430 Franklin Village Drive
Franklin, MA 02038
E-mail: pkw2@mindspring.com

Judy Feeley
Plainfield, MA
Tel: 413-634-2279

Carol Manning
Johnston, RI
Tel/Fax: 401-949-3819
E-mail: cmanni@worldnet.att.com

Lee Marquis
No. Grosvenordale, CT
Tel: 860-923-2544
E-mail: alibera@snet.net

Jim Pepe
Belmont, MA
Tel: 617-484-7611 Fax: 617-484-7632
E-mail: jim.pepe@verizon.net

Joanna Zarkadas
Framingham, MA
Tel: 508-875-1108
E-mail: lovewell@aol.com

Mari Cordes
PO Box 986, Montpelier,
VT 05601


Anastassia Bogomolova, Ph.D.,
14200 Carlson Circle
Tampa, FL 33626
Tel: 813-854-4332
Fax: 813-854-5596
E-mail: fractals@infobridge.com

Dechen Lorraine Rheault
Reiki Educational Institute
Huntington, VT
Tel: 802-434-6169
Email: reiedinst@gmavt.net

Ellis Widner
Liitle Rock, Ark
Email: pemadorje@mac.com

Betty Brody
9215 Volunteer Drive,
VA 223309

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Teachers in Australia

Dr Ranga Premaratna PhD,
Buddho-EnerSense Teacher and Lineage Head
C/O Shop 8, Bridgepoint Shopping Centre,
1-3 Brady Street,
NSW 2088
Tel: +61 02 9969 3920
Web: www.reikijinkeidoandbuddhointernational.com

Jim Frew,
Mornington Peninsula Reiki Centre,
10 Messines Road,
Vic 3918.
Phone/Fax (61) 3-5983 9971.
e-mail: Jim.Frew@r150.aone.net.au Alternative Website: click here

Eileen Chapman,
Reiki Journey Centre,
19 Caroline Street,
Clifton Hill,
Vic 3068.
Phone/Fax (61) 3-9482 5336.

Ann Smith,
Buddho-EnerSense Teacher
9 Narnoo St,
Chapel Hill,
Queensland 4069.
Phone +61 (0)73378 5364
Mobile +61 (0)412 182 315
Fax +61 (0)73503 9262
Email: annsmith36@bigpond.com
Web: www.buddhabydesign.com

Faye Wenke
Buddho-EnerSense Teacher
9 Clegg Pde,
Queensland 4051
Mobile: +61 (0) 412 778 205
Email: faye@lifeunlimitedseminars.com
Web: www.lifeunlimitedseminars.com (click on name above for direct link)

Lynette Kirkman,
6 Orla Court,
Murrumba Downs,
Queensland 4503.
Email: kirkman.l@bigpond.com

Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide
Email: evania77@hotmail.com

Sharon Rallings
19 Parkwood Estate
46a Mackenzie St
QLD 4350
Mobile: 0403778108
Email: Sharon@vital-mind-and-body.com
Web:www.vital-mind-and-body.com (click on name above for direct link)

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Teachers in Africa

Steve Gooch Egypt/Sudan (see UK Section)

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Teachers in Middle East

Maha Nammour
Email: maha@synergie-mahanammour.com
Lebanon: Tel: +961 3989171 and +961 1423317
Kuwait: Tel: +965 2470200 and +965 6637567
Dubai: Tel: +9714 3605657 and +97150 4513200
France: Tel: +33142880328 and +33610732820
Website: www.synergie-mahanammour.com

Dr. Rafah al Sayed
Kuwait: Tel:+965 562 5235 / mobile:+965 974 2439
Lebanon: Tel+961 371 315
Syria (Aleppo) Tel: +96394240175
France (Paris) Tel: Tel+33660515577
E-mail: rafah 20@hotmail.com
Websites in Arabic:
www.geocities.com /reiki4arabs/index.htm

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Teachers in Russia

Anatoly Demidov
Tel: 464-0780
E-mail: demidov@aha.ru

Ludmila Osmachkina
Tel: 196-5574
E-mail: osma@demos.su

Dina Sedova
Tel/Fax: 287-5097

Anastassia Bogomolova, Ph.D.,
Moscow and Archangelsk
E-mail: fractals@infobridge.com

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Teachers in Asia

None at present

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Flashing Line


Jin - Compassion


Kei - Wisdom


Do - Way or Path

Flashing Line

A Reflection for Teachers

When we wish to teach and enlighten all things by ourselves
we are deluded;
When all things teach us
we are enlightened.

written by Dogen-Zenji in his work on the Genjo-koan. (the koan of everyday life)
Dogen Kigen established the Soto Zen school (most popular Japanese Zen school) in Japan after studying Ts'ao-Tung (oldest school of Ch'an) in China from 1223-7.

Image of Usui Sensei

The above lists of Reiki Jin Kei Do Teachers are collated from various sources, those shown are known to be following the teachings and guidelines of the Lineage, but no recommendations can be given in choosing a teacher.

If you are looking for a teacher of Reiki Jin-Kei Do© or Buddho-EnerSense© then please look at the page:Choosing a teacher

Last Updated: January 24, 2013