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Ranga, Dorothy & Gordon


We met Ranga in 1992, whilst he and Mae were emigrating from USA to Australia.  Dorothy had been in touch with Beth Sanders, (who had studied with him) when she realised that Ranga was coming to the UK she put us in touch with Ranga.    It is strange how things work out!  We both took 2nd Degree with him in our own home.  We made a good connection with him and he invited us do masters with him the following year.  Unfortunately, we were unable to do so at the time.  We continued our own Reiki studies in this country progressing to Masters level with a few teachers.  We reconnected with Ranga in November and December 1995 and both made the trip to Australia to study his Masters and Buddho-EnerSense© 1-3.  Gordon returned in August 96 to do Stage 4. 

We both have a long background in Oriental studies,  Dorothy in yoga, Buddhism and healing arts (Reflexology/Colour Reflex Therapy/Jin Shin) and Gordon in Buddhism, Oriental healing arts (Shiatsu/Jin Shin/Macrobiotics).  Our finding Reiki with its origins in the Buddhist tradition and Oriental Medicine has become for us a perfect complement to our background and continues to provide ongoing studies. 

Through Reiki, one becomes connected to the
spiritual nature of the universe,
and as we experience this subtle energy,
we realise that we had this ability
inherent in us always.

Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna

We feel very privileged to be on the cutting edge of spiritual traditions (Reiki Jin-Kei Do© Buddho-Enersense©) at this time when Reiki seems to become more fragmented in its secular development.

We began teaching Reiki in the Autumn of 1994 and Buddho-EnerSense©  in July 1996.  Whilst we make it known that this training is available there is no great marketing programme and would prefer to see it grow organically as a spiritual discipline and Buddhist practice.  Our own presentation of Reiki is also more orientated as a spiritual and personal growth tool rather than a "complementary healing style".  We see Buddho-EnerSense© as extensions to this.

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